Adding Weight to Jelly Lures

Jelly lures are extremely popular to use to catch pollock, bass, coalfish, mackerel and a range of other species, but the spinning and bass rods which are often used with these lures often struggle to cast the very light jelly lures. Eddystone eels and jelly worms, for example, are too light to cast with normal spinning or bass rods, even if jig heads are used. Extra weight, therefore, needs to be added, but adding weight in the wrong way will kill the realistic action of the lures – which is the whole point of using them in the first place.

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Jelly Lure Rig One

If using a bass or spinning rod a streamlined weight (often called a tube, cylinder or barrel weight) is the best way to make the lure heavy enough to cast. The weight is placed at the end of the mainline and then a snood is added with the lure on the end as the diagram below shows. This rig works best with tube/cyliner weights from 1oz – 3oz.

Weight to Jelly Lures Rig 1

With this rig it is important to include the bead. This is because the tube weight slides up and down the line as the rig is cast out and the bead protects the knot and prevents it from becoming damaged. While some anglers prefer a longer snood, generally keeping it under three feet cuts down on tangles. Buy cylinder weights from Sea Angling Shop by clicking here.

Jelly Lure Rig Two

This rig works better when heavier weights of 3oz – 6oz are being used. As the diagram below shows this rig simply uses bomb-shaped general beachcasting weights and there is no need to use specialist tube weights. This rig can therefore be cast using a bass rod or an all-round beachcaster.

Weight to Jelly Lures Rig 2

Anglers using this rig may find that the rig tangles less as it is cast is the snood is a maximum of around 3 – 4 feet long. It can also be a good idea to keep the distance between the 3-way swivel and the link/weight quite short at around six to eighteen inches as this will also cut down on tangling.

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