Marine Mammal Species

These species of marine mammals can all be found around the British Isles, with some, such as the harbour porpoise and seal species, being observed by anglers on a regular basis. Others, such as the sperm whale, are found miles offshore in deep waters but are still present in British waters.

Dolphin and Porpoise Species

Short-beaked Common Dolphin


TN Common PorpoiseHarbour Porpoise


TN Striped Dolphin ProfileStriped Dolphin


TN White Beaked Dolphin C SELF2White Beaked Dolphin


TN Risso's Dolphin Profile C CitronRisso’s Dolphin


TN Atlantic White Sided DolphinAtlantic White-sided Dolphin


TN Bottlenose Dolphin ProfileCommon Bottlenose Dolphin


Long-finned Pilot Whale


Orca (Killer Whale)Orca (Killer Whale)


Whale Species

TN Fin WhaleFin Whale


TN Nothern Bottle Nose Whale ProfileNorthern Bottlenose Whale


TN Humpback Whale ProfileHumpback Whale


TN Minke Whale Profile C Lycaon.clNorthern Minke Whale


TN Sperm WhaleSperm Whale



TN Common Seal ProfileCommon and Grey Seals