Conservation Articles

Plastic Pollution of the World’s Oceans | Tiny pieces of plastic – known as microplastics and microbeads – are causing serious pollution problems across the world. Read more here.

Ghost Nets | When fishing gear – particularly gill and drift nets – become lost or abandoned at sea they go on catching fish and causing untold damage to the marine environment.

MCZsMarine Conservation Zones | Could Britain’s sea fish stocks be increased by the creation of Marine Conservation Zones? There are plans to put this into practice.

The Friendly Floatees | In 1992 plastic bath toys were lost from a ship crossing the Pacific. Today they are still being found washed up across the world, highlighting the problem of plastic pollution.

150px-IUCN_logo.svgIUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) | The IUCN is a organisation which campaigns for the conservation of nature and assess the endangered status of animals (including fish).

Greenpeace Logo ThumbnailGreenpeace Fish Redlist | Greenpeace have a list of fish species to avoid as they are either endangered or caught using methods which damage the marine environment. Find out more here.

Irish Bass FishingIrish Recreational Bass Fishing | Find out how Ireland increased and maintained its bass stocks, and greatly benefited from the increased tourism and visitors coming for the fishing.

TN Species of Fish to be ReturnedWhich Species of Fish Should be Returned? | Many species of fish are under pressure. However, anglers can help by returning endangered and threatened species.

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