Fish and Seafood Articles

The ever increasing human demand for seafood is the reason why commercial fishing is such big business. The articles on this page examine the social and economic issues around buying, selling, marketing and consuming fish and other forms of seafood.

TN Oysters C Peter GugerellWhy are Fish Going Up in Price? | A variety of world events are causing the price of fish and shellfish to rise across the world. Why is this happening and what impact will it have?

Tsukiji Fish Market | The largest fish market in the world, and one of the largest wholesale food markets of any type, was Tsukiji Fish Market in Toyko. Read more about it here.

Mislablled Fish ThumbnailWhat Species of Fish Are You Really Eating? | In early 2013 news emerged that a proportion of fish sold in the UK was mislabelled, with cheaper species passed off as cod.

The Big Five Fish Species | Cod, haddock, prawns, tuna and salmon are the five species which dominate the UK market. What impact does this have on fish stocks and the marine environment?

TN Sardines C Peter van der SluijsRe-branding Fish | Many fish species have their names changed or altered. Why is this done and what is gained by ‘re-branding’ fish species?

Red Lobster’s Endless Crab Disaster | American restaurant chain Red Lobster’s all-you-can-eat crab promotion cost the company millions of dollars. Find out why here.