Shark Species

From the humble dogfish to the massive basking shark, all species of shark have rough skin, multiple gill slits, fins without spines or rays and skeletons made out of cartilage. While dogfish are abundant, and bull huss, tope and smooth-hound well known by anglers many people are surprised that large shark species such as porbeagle, shortfin mako and blue shark are found in British waters but they are present, although not in great numbers. Other shark species found around the British Isles include the now rare and critically endangered angel shark and the Greenland shark which lives most of its life in deep waters.



Bull Huss








Blue Shark


Porbeagle Shark


Thresher Shark


Basking Shark


Angel Shark ThumbnailAngel Shark


Mako Shark ThumbnailShortfin Mako