Rare and Unusual Fish

The fish featured in this section are classed as rare fish from a UK perspective as they do not turn up in catches across the country on a regular or consistent basis. Many are warm water or sub-tropical species and are therefore mostly found in the warmer waters around the south and west of the British Isles. Indeed, species such as triggerfish are increasing in numbers around Britain and the last few decades has seen them go from rare and notable to near-common in certain areas. However, they are certainly not common when looked at on a UK-wide basis and are therefore included in this section. This section also includes cold water rare fish such as the Atlantic wolffish, greater forkbeard and tadpole fish which are more likely to be caught around the north of the UK.



Bluefin Tuna




Greater ForkbeardGreater Forkbeard


Wolf Fish ThumbnailAtlantic Wolffish


TN Hagfish ProfileHagfish




John DoryJohn Dory


ShadAllis and Twaite Shad






Red Bandfish ThumbailRed Bandfish


Sea LampreySea Lamprey


Atlantic Chub MackerelAtlantic Chub Mackerel


Tadpole FishTadpole Fish


Giant Oarfish


Additional Rare and Unusual Fish