Angling Information

These articles cover topics on a wide range of issues which anglers face including record UK fish catches, minimum size limits for retaining fish and useful links to external websites with information on weather and tides.

Responsible Sea Angling | Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the country. Read about how anglers can fish responsibly and follow best practice by clicking here.

Minimum Size Limits for UK Shore Caught Fish | Have a look at the legal size limits for retaining fish species which are caught in the waters around Britain.

UK Shore Caught Fish Records | Take a look at the record catches made from the shore by UK anglers. All records are updated as soon as possible, and kept as accurate as possible.

UK Boat Caught Fish Records | Have a look at the records for fish caught from boats in British waters. All records are updated as soon as possible, and kept as accurate as possible.

IGFA World Records | The International Game Fish Association lists record catches from all over the world. Read the all-tackle records for popular species listed by the organisation in this article.

TN UK Shore Caught Records MapUK Shore Caught Record Fish | This article examines the way in which shore and boat caught record fish are claimed and verified, and how attitudes over killing fish for records are changing.

Strange and Unusual British Fish Records | There are some very strange and unusual fish that have UK shore caught records. Find out what they are here.

TN Knife Crime CampaignLegal Issues of Knives and Sea Fishing | Many anglers are confused about the legality of carrying a knife for sea fishing. Find out the truth about these issues here.

Where Can You SeafishSea Fishing, Anglers’ Rights and the Magna Carta | Is it really true that sea anglers never need a fishing licence and have the right to fish any saltwater fishing mark, all enshrined in the Magna Carta?

Brown troutDo I Need a Licence For Sea Fishing? | Most anglers don’t need a licence, but when fishing along some river and inland marks the issue is a lot more complicated.

Can Fish See Fishing Line? | A guest post by top American competition angler Tyler Brinks looking at which fishing line is visible to fish, and which types offer the best chance of avoiding detection.

Tying the Knot: Fishing’s Critical Connections | A guest post from looking at the different issues involved in tying knots with sea fishing line.

Links to Weather, Wind and Tide Information | This page contains links to websites which allow anglers to check what the conditions will be like for any fishing sessions which are planned.

A – Z Definitions | Consult our alphabetical list which provides definitions of anything and everything to do with sea fishing and the wider marine environment.

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