Fishing with Jelly and Soft Lures

Jelly and Soft Lures

Red Gills

Jelly eel type lures are extremely effective for a range of predatory fish, especially bass and pollock.

These type of lures are made out of a kind of rubber or soft plastic and have an extremely realistic and life-like action making them ideal for targeting large species such as bass or pollock. They can also be used to catch mackerel and in their very smallest sizes they are also used for LRF (Light Rock Fishing) where they will catch species such as blennies, gobies and sea scorpions. Jelly lures come in a wide range of different form with eel/fish and worm lures being the most popular, but jelly lures are now available which resemble prawns, crabs, worms and a range of other sea creatures. A full article on using jelly and soft lures – including the methods and techniques needed to fish with these type of lures – can be found on this page.

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