Mini Species

The mini species included in this section are fish which when fully grown generally reach a weight of less than 1lb. A wide range of fish fall into this category, from the small but venomous weever fish to the tiny common goby (which has the UK lowest rod caught record weight of one gram). Just a few years ago many of the species here would be very rare catches for UK anglers for the simple reason that anglers would target larger fish and ignore these species. However, recent years have seen the rise of Light Rock Fishing (LRF) – a discipline of sea fishing which specifically targets the smallest species found in UK waters. The explosion in popularity of LRF has seen many of the species featured below become common catches for many anglers around the UK.



Common DragonetCommon Dragonet


Goby Species


TB Greater PipefishGreater Pipefish












Greater and Lesser Sandeel


Tompot Blenny


TN ShannyCommon Blenny


Additional Blenny Species


Sea Stickleback


Weever Fish


Poor Cod


European Anchovy


European Pilchard


TN Boar FishBoar Fish




Long-spined Sea Scorpion


Minor Rockling Species




Additional Mini Species