Commercial Fishing Articles

Commercial Fishing | Read our article giving an overview on commercial fishing across the world and the impact which it is having on the environment, fish stocks and marine ecosystems.

Common Fisheries Policy | The CFP is the fisheries policy for the European Union. It has proved controversial and has been the focus of much criticism. Read more here.

Brexit and Britain’s Fisheries | With Britain set to leave the EU there will be potentially huge changes in the way the UK runs its fisheries. This article looks at all of the issues.

Atlantic DawnAtlantic Dawn: The Ship from Hell | The biggest pelagic trawler in the world is also one of the worlds most controversial fishing vessels. Find out more about it here.

LafayetteLafayette: Floating Fish Factory | As large as Atlantic Dawn is, it is dwarfed in size by the Lafayette, a fish factory ship which is bigger than most aircraft carriers! Read more about how it operates here.

Grand Banks CollapseThe Collapse of the Grand Banks Cod Fishery | The Grand Banks of Canada was the most productive cod fishery in the world, but was fished into complete collapse. How did this happen?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Dutch Trawler Which Catches 23% of England’s Fish | How is one trawler – the Cornelis Vrolijk – allowed to catch almost a fifth of England’s fish?

Fishing Down the Food Chain | Why do fisheries switch from targeting large fish to small fish? Find out about the concept of fishing down the food chain here.

Europe’s Bass – A Species on the Edge of Collapse? | Recent years have seen bass increase in popularity, and collapse in number. What can be done to halt the decline?

Georges BankDecline of the Georges Bank Fishery | Just like the Grand Banks the nearby Georges Bank also declined massively due to excessive commercial fishing. Find out what happened here.

Black Fish ScandalScottish Black Fish Scandal | A number of unscrupulous Scottish skippers made themselves millions by illegally decimating mackerel stocks. Find out how the scam operated and how they were caught.

The Decline of the Firth of Clyde | The Firth of Clyde was once an abundant fishery but is now a fraction of its former size. How was this state of affairs developed?

Abel Tasman ThumbnailAustralian Super-Trawler | In 2013 plans for a super-trawler to operate in Australian waters were stopped by the public outcry and protest. Read the full story here.

Commercial Fishing MethodsCommercial Fishing Methods | Read more about the various methods and techniques that commercial fishermen use to catch fish from the sea.

Pulse TrawlPulse Trawling | The Dutch fishing industry is pioneering a method of commercial fishing which uses electrified nets to shock and stun fish to make them easier to catch. Find out more about it here.

Peruvian Anchoveta – The Most Exploited Fish in the World | More Peruvian Anchoveta are caught than any other species, but what does the future hold for this species?

TN PescanovaThe Troubled Times of the World’s Biggest Commercial Fishing Company | Exactly how did Spain’s Pescanova go from a world-leading commercial fishing company to financial crisis?

AquacultureFish Farming and Aquaculture | Why can’t the problems of overfishing be solved by farming fish in the same way as livestock? The issues around this are explored here.

100 CodOnly 100 Cod Left in the North Sea! | Could this really be true? No. It was total and utter nonsense, but the British press reported it anyway

Tuna, Conservation and ICCAT | The various species of tuna are some of the most valuable fish in the world, but is this species in decline?

Commercial Fishing For Squid and Cuttlefish | Fisheries for these species are expanding across the world, but lack regulation and control, meaning there could be significant impacts.

The Sinking of the Antares | The small Scottish trawler Antares was lost in an accident with a Royal Navy submarine. Find out what happened here.

Submarine and Trawler Collision Incidents | Over the years there have been a number of incidents where submarines have collided with the submerged nets of trawlers. Read more here.

FV GaulThe Loss of FV Gaul | The trawler FV Gaul was lost in the UK’s worst peacetime fishing disaster. Controversy and conspiracy theories about the loss of the vessel continue to this day.

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