Offshore Species

This website defines offshore fish as species which spend the majority of their life in waters away from the shore in depths of around thirty to fifty metres, and down to several hundred metres. Fish in this section of the website can be caught from the shore by anglers – indeed, many of the species here have a shore caught record and from areas which offer the ability to cast into very deep water the species here can certainly be caught on rod and line. However, the species featured here are caught on a much less regular basis than cod, pollock, bass, flounder and so on, and would constitute a rare catch for the majority of anglers fishing around the UK and Ireland. Some of the species in this category – such as ling – are rare catches for shore anglers, but common for boat anglers fishing a few miles out to sea. The species featured on this page are contrasted with genuine deep-sea fish which are defined as species which live at depths of thousands of metres and are never caught by anglers.

Haddock ThumbnailHaddock




Hake ThumbnailHake


Haibut ThumbnailHalibut


Megrim ThumbnailMegrim


Witch ThumbnailWitch


Ling ThumbnailLing


Spanish Ling ThumbnailBlue Ling and Spanish Ling




Additional Offshore Species