Squid Jigs

Catching squid in UK waters using a rod and line was unheard of just a few years ago. Today, however, it is growing in popularity to such an extent that squidding is becoming common around the south and west of the British Isles. Due to the unique way in which squid feed they caught on specialised lures known as squid jigs.

Squid Jigs
A selection of squid jigs fitted with crown hooks.

Squid jigs are shaped like small fish or prawns but instead of having a treble hook or J-hook attached they are instead fitted with two circular rows of small hooks which are known as crown hooks. When a squid attacks the jig their tentacles and arms become caught on these hooks, providing a solid hold and allowing the angler to reel the squid in.

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Squid jigs come in a range of colours (there is no consensus over which is the most effective) and can be unweighted or have an additional lead weight attached to aid casting. Some are also fitted with further hook points on the body of the lure, and may also have additional attractors added such as feathers. As squid are attracted to light some of the more expensive squid jigs have an internal light, although anglers can add their cheap chemical light stick and luminous squid jigs are also available. It should also be noted that many anglers successfully catch squid with jigs that have no additional source of light fitted and some even claim that catch rates are higher with standard squid jigs which do not emit light. Many of the less expensive squid jigs are made out of weighted plastic, but more expensive designs may be coated in fabric or cloth which imitate the appearance and texture of the scales of a fish. Many anglers believe that cloth or fabric squid jigs are more effective and it is worth paying for these lures.

Squid Jig with light
A jig which can be fitted with an internal light to attract squid.

Squidding is becoming increasingly common around much of the UK. Squid jigs are now widely available from fishing tackle shops and online retailers and the range and design of squid jigs will continue to expand as angling for squid continues to grow in popularity.

Suggestions for Squid Jig Lures

WSB Holographic Squid Jigs can be viewed and purchased from Sea Angling Shop for £3.19 each, by clicking on this link. Alternatively, there are a wide range of squid jigs available from Amazon.co.uk, with many sets available which provide anglers with a range of different shapes, colours and weights of squid jigs for a reasonable price.