Fishing with Feathers and Daylights

Feathers and Daylights

Silver Daylights

A rig of four silver daylights.

While spinners used with light rod and reels provide great sport for summer mackerel many people ignore this method and instead employ feathers or daylights. As described in the terminal tackle section feathers and daylights are hooks, usually sized 1 – 2/0 dressed with feathers or plastic to resemble small fish. They are widely sold from tackle shops on traces containing 4-6 feathers/daylights for around £1-2. There are a huge range of feathers and daylights available on the market today, and as mackerel are unfussy predators they can be caught on pretty much any of the different types of feather/daylights which are out there. While many anglers cast feathers and daylights using full-sized 12ft beachcasters it is much better sport to use them with a bass or spinning rod. View all of the feathers and daylights at Sea Angling Shop by clicking here.

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Feather and Daylight Techniques

There is little subtlety to this kind of fishing. Strings of feathers are cast out as far as possible and then reeled in with either a slow and steady retrieve, or a sideways swipe of the rod (similar to striking) followed by three or four fast turns of the reel. The latter method imitates a shoal of prey fish and allows mackerel the chance to attack the feathers or daylights. Small fish can often be caught by lowering feathers or daylights straight down over the edge of a pier or amongst the supports of a stilted or promenade style pier. Daylights jigged up and down, or left to sway and flow in the tide will also tempt fish to attack. Many anglers use daylights to quickly bag up on mackerel for bait, but there is not much sport in repeatedly reeling in multiple mackerel on heavy tackle meant for much bigger species. When using feathers and daylights a range of species can be caught including greater sandeels, herring and mini-species such as smelt, and larger species may also go for daylights on occasion. Purchase feathers and daylights by clicking here.

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