Springtails (Anurida maritime) are a common marine invertebrate found throughout most of the British Isles and the rest of Europe. They are a small insect-like creature which has a black, brown or dark blue segmented body with six legs and short antenna. The maximum length is usually 5 to 6mm. They are an unusual sea creature as they are air-breathing. Their body is covered in hairs which trap air bubbles and allow them to float on the surface of water. They are capable of surviving underwater as they can breathe bubbles of air which are trapped in their hairs.

Springtails will crawl around rocks but are most commonly seen in groups on the surface water of rockpools. These groups can consist of hundreds of individual springtails but usually consist of far fewer than this. Springtails feed on dead animal matter, especially shellfish and crustaceans. Despite its name, the springtail is incapable of springing or jumping in the way a sand hopper can.