Where to Go Fishing in the UK

This section of the website provides a list of popular fishing marks and venues across all of Britain (information on the Republic of Ireland coming soon) along with advice on fishing methods, baits, techniques and the species that can be caught there. Simply click on the text of the area of the UK that you are interested in to go to information about marks and venues there. There are links to Google Maps to pinpoint the exact locations that are being described.

Due to the scale and number of venues listed the advice provided is broad and only meant for general guidance – local anglers with specific knowledge are always going to be able to provide more accurate advice and information. To suggest changes to this section of the website send an email to contact@britishseafishing.co.uk.

Please note the Republic of Ireland section has not been created yet but is coming soon.

In certain browsers (and when viewing this page on a mobile device) the map above may not be clickable. If this is the case the pages can be viewed by clicking the links below:

West Coast of Scotland  East Coast of Scotland  North East  Yorkshire and Humberside  East of England  Thames Estuary  South East  South Coast  South West  Wales  North West  Northern Ireland

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