May 2014 – News

This month started with more bad news about the state of the world’s seas and oceans. Litter thrown into the sea more than fifty years ago has been found during an beach and sea clean up around Britain, with retro crisp packets, beer and soft drinks can other pieces of litter being found. The oldest items of rubbish were two Golden Wonder crisp packets which had best before dates in the 1960s. Read more and see pictures of the rubbish which was collected by clicking here.

One of the oceans most mysterious sea creatures was inadvertently caught by a US shrimp fisherman this month. Carl Moore was trawling for shrimp off the coast of Florida when he dragged up an 18-foot long goblin shark in his nets. The shark, which is though to have hardly evolved since pre-historic times is little known by science due to the great depths at which it usually lives. Moore said that he returned the shark to the sea after photographing it, although it is unlikely that a deep sea creature such as a goblin shark would survive being in shallow water. See pictures of the goblin shark here and read the full article here. Coincidentally this GIF showing the extendable mouth of the goblin shark in action started appearing around the internet this month. Watch it here.