Weights, Links and Safety

Link and Weight
A link is an essential safety feature. Line should never be tied directly to the weight.

Using a simple link or clip to attach a weight to a sea fishing rig is extremely important in sea fishing. This is because the top of a weight is liable to scrape along the seabed when being reeled in over a sandy seabed or knock and catch against rocks when fishing over rougher ground. If the weight is tied directly to the line the knot will take all of this damage and become weakened and potentially fail during a cast with obvious safety implications. However, if a link is used then this will absorb the damage and the knot will remain in good condition.

As well as being an important safety feature links and clips also offer quick and fast ways of attaching a weight to a rig, and also allow weights to be easily changed during a fishing session. Links come in many different types and styles with teardrop-shaped links – such as these which are available from Sea Angling Shop – being amongst the most popular.

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