Additional Articles on Sea Fishing Techniques

Below are a list of miscellaneous articles on various tips, techniques and information for sea fishing around the UK.

TN European Squid C =mc2Fishing for Squid with Rod and Line | Fishing for squid from the shore is increasing in popularity throughout the UK. Find out about this method of fishing here.

TN Fishing with Two RodsFishing with Two (or more) Rods | Many anglers fish with multiple rods to increase catch rates. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with this approach.

Sea Fishing Knives | Knives are essential in sea fishing for filleting fish and cutting bait. Learn more about sea fishing knives and how to keep them sharp here.

What to Take When You Go Fishing | This article looks at the various items of tackle available to sea anglers and considers which need to be taken fishing and which can be left at home.

WSB Worm SetAdding Weight to Jelly Lures | Find out the different way in which weight is added to jelly lures without spoiling or ruining their action

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