Short Range Conger Rig

Conger Rig

Conger eels are generally found in and around very heavy ground, usually in crevices and cracks between rocks, or within gaps at the base of stone piers. For this reason long casting is rarely needed and rigs for conger eels can simply be lowered directly down into the water or lobbed out a very short distance. This rig has been designed specifically for these situations. The rig is very simple ledger design as snags are likely in the rough ground which conger live and the simplicity reduces the metalwork which will become snagged and keeps the cost of the rig down. The hooklength is made of heavy wire line as the sharp teeth of a conger eel could bite through standard strength monofilament, although monofilament line of 100lb breaking strain or more is suitable for conger rig hooklengths. Provided the angler is using 30lb line straight through (which would be typical when targeting conger) the weak link line will snap if the weight becomes snagged with no need for a weak link release such as a Gemini Breaker and will not snap during casts as long as the baited rig is only gently lobbed out. Since conger eel fishing is best done with the reel free to let out line and the ratchet (line out alarm) of the reel set, this rig also allows the conger to take line freely without dragging the lead along the seabed. Furthermore, the fact that conger will often spin when caught means that a heavy-duty, high-quality swivel should be incorporated between the wire snood and the reels mainline.

Components needed:

  • Large swivel x 1
  • Medium swivel x 1
  • 8mm bead x 1
  • Wire crimps x 2
  • Size 6/0 or 8/0 hook x 1
  • 100lb wire line (or heavy monofilament of the same breaking strain)
  • 10 – 15lb  weak link monofilament