Rough Ground Rig

This is a rig which is designed to fish rough ground where snags are likely. Instead of a link a Gemini Breaker (or similar weak link release) is used as this allows the weight to become detached if it becomes snagged and the rest of the rig (and any hooked fish) to be retrieved. This obviously cuts down on tackle losses and the expense of having to constantly tie on a new rig. It is also best to keep rough ground rigs limited to a single hook as multiple hooks simply provide more metalwork to get snagged. As the diagram above shows the snood is also made from line which is only 20lb breaking strain (unlike the clean ground rigs which have snoods which are 30lb breaking strain). This is because these rigs are designed to be used with a reel set up to with 30lbs line all of the way through. Using these weaker snoods means that if the rig becomes snagged by the hook (rather than the weight) there is a chance that the snood will snap and the rest of the rig can be retrieved.

Components needed to make this rig:

  • Large swivel x 1
  • Small swivel x 1
  • Gemini breaker x 1
  • Crimps x 2
  • Micro beads x 2
  • Sequin x 1
  • Size 2/0 hook x 1
  • 60lb line
  • 20lb snood line
  • Neoprene/rig tubing

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