Three Hook Flapping (Flatfish Rig)


This rig is specifically designed to catch flatfish such as plaice, flounder and dab. Beads and sequins are added to the hooklengths as these are known to attract inquisitive flatfish species. Long shanked Aberdeen and specialist Cronus Flatfish hooks are used with this rig as these types of hooks are the easiest to remove from the small mouths of flatfish and also allow good bait presentation when used with worm baits.

Available with the following sized hooks:

  • Size 2 Cronus Silver Aberdeen
  • Size 1 Cronus Flatfish Hooks
  • Size 2 Cronus Flatfish Hooks
  • Size 1/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen
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Complete list of components:

  • Cronus size 3 (large) swivel x 1
  • Trace Builder size 6 (small) rolling swivel x 3
  • Cronus black rig crimps x 6
  • Cronus rig beads x 6
  • Assorted Cronus 5mm beads, 8mm beads and sequins
  • Size 2 Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks x 3 or size 1 Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks x 3¬†or size 1¬†Cronus Flatfish Hooks x 3 or size 1/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hooks x3
  • Cronus teardrop link x 1
  • Cronus 60lb rig body line (clear)
  • Gemini neoprene stop
  • Line Tech Classic 60lb rig body line (clear)
  • Sunset Amnesia 20lb snood line (clear)