Pulley Rig


The pulley rig is a classic design that gets any hooked fish up and off the seabed, minimising the chances of becoming snagged when reeling in. This rig is very popular with anglers fishing for larger species across mixed and snaggy ground. It is available with a range of different hook patterns in sizes 1/0 to 6/0.

Available with the following sized hooks:

  • Size 1/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen
  • Size 2/0 Kamasan B940 Aberdeen
  • Size 3/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen
  • Size 4/0 Cronus O’Shaughnessy
  • Size 6/0 Kamasan B940 Aberdeen
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Complete list of components:

  • Cronus pulley bead x 1
  • Trace Builder size 1 (large) rolling swivel x 1
  • Cronus 6mm beads x 2
  • Cronus rig clip x 1
  • Size 1/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hook or size 2/0 Kamasan B940 Aberdeen or size 3/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hook or size 4/0 Cronus O’Shaughnessy hook or size 6/0 Kamasan B940 Aberdeen
  • Line Tech Classic 60lb rig body line (clear)
  • Sunset Amnesia 30lb snood line (clear)