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This hook selection provides anglers with a range of different hooks to cover all situations faced when sea fishing across the British Isles. Seventy hooks are included (supplied in a compact clip-shut box) with sizes ranging from 4 to 4/0.

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Cronus Baitholder Hooks: These are medium wire hooks which have additional barbs on the shanks which prevent baits from sliding down and covering the bait. Twenty size 2/0 baitholder hooks are included in this set.

Angling Works Circle Hooks: When using circle hooks there is no need to strike. Anglers instead simply need to reel in and the fish will become self-hooked as the hook slides to edge of the fish’s mouth. Circle hooks are ideal for anglers practising catch and release fishing. Five size 1 circle hooks are included.

Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks: These are general purpose all-round sea fishing hooks. Size 2/0 and 4/0 hooks are included in this set to cover a range of fishing situations.

Cronus Dark Nickel O’Shaughnessy Hooks: These are strong, heavy wire hooks can be used to fish for species such as large bass, rays, pollock and cod. Ten size 3/0 hooks are included.

Cronus Black Aberdeen Hooks: These are a relatively fine wire hook which enhances bait presentation. Ten size 4 hooks are supplied for anglers fishing for smaller species.