Complete Terminal Tackle Set


This set contains everything anglers need to create their own fishing rigs such as hooks, swivels, links, beads and line. The following items are included:

This set contains:

  • Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks (size 1) x 10
  • Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks (size 2/0) x 10
  • Cronus O’Shaughnessy (size 5/0) x 5
  • WSB Specimen Mono (250 metre spool) x 1
  • Clear Rig Body Line 60lb x 1
  • Cronus Mini Crimps x 100
  • Cronus Teardrop Links x 10
  • Cronus Simple Links x 10
  • Cronus Weak Link Clips x 10
  • Cronus Bait Shields x 4
  • Cronus Nickel Rolling Swivels (#1 – large) x 20
  • Cronus Nickel Rolling Swivels (#4 – med.) x 20
  • Cronus Nickel Rolling Swivels (#6 – small) x 20
  • Trace Builder 3-way Swivel (Size 6) x 10
  • Cronus 8mm Beads x 50
  • Cronus 6mm Beads x 50
  • Cronus Mixed Rig Sequins x 50
  • Trace Builder Rig Beads (black or lumi) x 100

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Size 1 Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks are included in this set. These hooks have a medium wire and round bend and are ideal for catching smaller species such as flatfish. Larger size 2/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks are also included. These are general-purpose all-round sea fishing hooks that can be used to target a range of species found all around the British Isles. The size 5/0 Cronus O’Shaughnessy can be used to target larger species such as conger eels, rays and big cod and bass.


The 60lb breaking strain Trace Builder Clear Rig Body Line in this set can be used to make rig bodies, while the WSB Specimen Mono is memory free which means it is resistant to tangling and is also low-visibility blue colour. A 250-metre spool of 20lb, 25lb or 30lb breaking strain is included.

Links, Clips & Terminal Tackle

The Cronus Mini Crimps in this set have a 1.0mm internal diameter and are ideal for trapping swivels in rigs and will fit over the Rig Body Line in this set. The Cronus Teardrop Links are ideal for attaching and detaching weights to the end of rigs, and the Cronus Simple Links can also be used for this purpose or for attaching plugs and spinners to line. The Cronus Weak Link Clips are designed for anglers fishing over rough ground these clips allow links to detach if they are snagged but the rest of the rig (and any fish attached) can still be reeled in, while the Cronus Bait Shields allow anglers to clip down baits and both protect baits and allow casting distances to be increased


Cronus Nickel Rolling Swivels in size 1 (large) size 4 (medium) and size 6 (small) are included in this set, allowing anglers to have the correct size swivel for any rig they are making. Trace Builder 3-way Swivels (Size 6) are also included.

Beads and Attractors

Three different types of beads come with this set. Cronus 8mm Beads can be used as an attractor for flatfish and other species, while the Cronus 6mm Beads can also be used for this purpose or as a sliding knot protector or to trap swivels. The Trace Builder Rig Beads are oval-shaped and can be used to trap swivels between crimps when making rigs. Cronus Mixed Rig Sequins are highly reflective rig sequins that are 8mm in diameter that can be used as either a bait stop or an attractor.