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Sea Angling Shop Filled Component Box: This component box is one of’s best selling products. It includes nine of the most popular items of terminal tackle used by UK sea anglers, all contained in a small, adjustable, pocket-sized component box. This set contains two different sizes of swivels (size #1 for the top of rigs and #6 for hooklengths), rig beads(black or lumi colour), 8mm attactor beads in mixed colours, mini crimps, teardrop links, weak link clips and Cronus Silver Aberdeen hooks (size #1 and size 2/0). This set is ideal for anglers looking for terminal tackle items to top up their collection in a convenient pocket-sized container. Available for only £6.49 by clicking here.

Sea Angling Shop Complete Terminal Tackle Set: This set has been put together by and contains everything anglers need to create high-quality rigs for UK sea fishing. This set contains eighteen different items of terminal tackle including three different patterns of hooks, rig body line, WSB Specimen Mono snood line as well as a wide range of other products including swivels, links, clips and rig beads. This set is ideal for those who are new to sea angling and need all of the components necessary to start making sea fishing rigs. Alternatively, this set can be used by experienced anglers to top up their existing collection of terminal tackle. Click here to purchase this item from Sea Angling Shop for only £24.99.

Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Multiplier Reel: This is a classic casting multiplier reel which has remained at the top of the market for a number of years now. Made to Diawa’s usual exacting manufacturing standards this reel has a one-piece aluminium frame with a mechanical braking system (with a choice of two different sizes of brake blocks) and a lightweight aluminium spool, along with a smooth star drag system. This reel has a 5.2:1 retrieval ratio and will take just over 300 metres of 15lb breaking strain line, with most anglers using this reel with a light mainline and shockleader. Long regarded as one of the best casting reels available to UK anglers this reel is ideal for anglers looking to cast long distances over clean or light mixed ground. The Diawa Millionaire 7HT has significantly come down in price in recent years and is now available from Amazon for very competitive prices. View and purchase on Amazon from the link to the right.

Sea Angling Shop New Hook Selection: This hook set provides anglers will a full set of hooks to cover all sea angling situations. In total seventy hooks are included in this set, ranging from Cronus Black Aberdeen hooks in size 4 for anglers targeting small species to size 3/0 Cronus O’Shaughnessy hooks and size 4/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hooks for anglers looking to catch larger species such as cod, bass and rays. Specialised hooks such as Angling Works Circle hooks in size #1 are also included, along with Cronus Baitholder hooks in size 2/0 for anglers using worm baits. Overall this set will be useful to all anglers looking to build up a selection of hooks to use whatever type of sea fishing they are planning to carry out. Sold by Sea Angling Shop for only £7.49. View and purchase by clicking here.

Diawa SL20SH Multiplier Reel: This reel (usually referred to as the ‘slosh’) has long been popular with UK shore anglers fishing rough and heavy ground from the shore, although it can also be used for light boat fishing. This reel is heavy duty and designed for the harshest conditions which shore anglers will encounter, making it a favourite with those fishing for rough ground cod or aiming to catch large species such as conger eels from the shore. The SL20SH has a very high retrieval rate of 6.1:1, getting rigs up and off the seabed quickly as they are reeled in and reducing the chances of getting snagged and has a capacity of around 250 metres of 20lb breaking strain line. This reel also has an oversized power handle, allowing anglers to crank in the largest of fish from heavy ground. For many anglers the Diawa SL20SH is the only choice of reel when it comes to fishing rough ground and snaggy rock marks. Now available for very competitive prices from Amazon by clicking the link to the right.