Fishing Programmes on TV Reviews

There is a surprising amount of fishing programmes on British television, with programmes ranging from documentaries on British and international fishing such as Trawlermen and Deadliest Catch, and much more lighthearted programmes like Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge. While some of these programmes are shown on domestic channels it is the digital channels which show the majority of fishing programmes. Click on the titles below to read the reviews of the shows and also find links to buy the DVDs of each show from Amazon.

Fishing Impossible [ITV]

Trawlermen [BBC]

The Catch [Channel 4/More4]

Trawler Wars [Discovery UK]

Earth’s Wildest Waters: The Big Fish [BBC 2]

Trawlermen Tales [ITV]

Deadliest Catch [Discovery USA]

River Monsters [Animal Planet/ITV]

Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge [Five]

Toughest Place to be a … Fisherman [BBC 2]

Wicked Tuna [National Geographic]

Wicked Tuna: North vs. South [National Geographic]

King Fishers [National Geographic]

Fish Warrior [National Geographic]

World Toughest Jobs: Trawler Fishing [BBC 3]

Blue Planet II [BBC 1]

Drowning in Plastic [BBC 1]

Other Fishing Programmes on TV

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