Clipped Down Pennell Rig

This rig is similar to the clipped down rig. However, it is designed for big baits such as whole squid, large black lugworm baits or mackerel fillets. Baits of this size will flap around and potentially become tangled during casts, and due to their size they can break apart or even be entirely forced off the hook on impact with the sea. For this reason they should be clipped down behind an impact shield to make them more manageable to cast and to protect the bait on impact with the water. Large baits are also best presented on pennell hooks which ensures that there is a hook on either side of the bait so that a fish will be hooked whichever side it takes the bait from. Note: when making this rig it is better to use a neoprene/rig tubing stop knot above the impact shield, rather than a crimp, as this will allow much more adjustment and movement when creating the rig and getting the hooks to meet the impact shield.

Components needed to make this rig:

  • Large swivel x 1
  • Small swivel x 1
  • Impact shield x 1
  • Link x 1
  • Crimps x 2
  • Micro beads x 3
  • Rig tube
  • Size 4/0 hooks x 2
  • 60lb line
  • 30lb snood line
  • Neoprene/rig tubing

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