Circle Hook Rig

Circle hooks are becoming increasingly common in UK sea fishing. They are designed so that when fish take the baited hook into their mouth and move off the hook slides to the edge of the mouth where it becomes securely hooked. When using circle hooks there is no need to strike, anglers simply need to reel in and let the hooks do their work. This rig is effectively the same as a standard two hook flapping rig but includes two size 2/0 circle hooks instead of standard J- shaped hooks. This is an ideal size for general sea fishing as they are small enough to catch fish which are under 1lb but can also handle any larger specimens which come along.

Components needed to make this rig:

  • Large swivel x 1
  • Small swivels x 2
  • Link x 1
  • Crimps x 4
  • Micro beads x 4
  • Sequins x 2
  • Size 2/0 circle hooks x 2
  • 60lb line
  • 30lb snood line
  • Neoprene/rig tubing

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