Cascade Rig

A cascade rig is a way of clipping down multiple small baits. As the diagram above shows the top hook snood clips down into the cascade swivel, and then the lower snood (which is attached to the cascade swivel) clips down into the impact shield at the bottom of the rig. This means that both hooks are clipped down and the whole rig will be much more streamlined when travelling through the air and baits will be better protected on impact with the sea. Of course, it is possible to add a third snood to a cascade rig by adding an additional cascade swivel and snood to the rig. Due to the number of components involved in a cascade rig (and the cost of creating it), it is best to used cascade rigs over clean and sandy ground where they are unlikely to be lost to snags. Note: when making this rig it is better to use a neoprene/rig tubing stop knot above the impact shield, rather than a crimp, as this will allow much more adjustment and movement when creating the rig and getting the hooks to meet the impact shield.

Components needed to make this rig:

  • Large swivel x 1
  • Small swivel x 1
  • Cascade swivel x 1
  • Impact shield x 1
  • Link x 1
  • Crimps x 4
  • Micro beads x 5
  • Sequins x 2
  • Size 1/0 hook x 1
  • 60lb line
  • 30lb snood line
  • Neoprene/rig tubing