Bomber Rig

The bomber rig is a two hook rig where both hooks are clipped down behind the same impact shield. This allows longer casting distances to be reached and the protection of an impact shield means that bait presentation is improved. Additionally, the two hooks mean that two different baits can be used. Fish may be attracted by the differing movement of the baited hooks on this rig: the longer hoooklength will move and flow in the tide, while the shorter hooklength will move around much less. A great rig for all-round sea fishing, especially from beaches and when fishing over clean ground.

Components needed to make this rig:

  • Large swivel x 1
  • Small swivels x 2
  • Impact shield x 1
  • Link x 1
  • Crimps x 4
  • Micro beads x 5
  • Size 2/0 hooks x 2
  • Sequins x 2
  • 60lb line
  • 20lb snood line
  • Neoprene/rig tubing

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