Sea fishing floats

A range of floats that are suitable for sea fishing.

There are a wide range of floats which can be used in sea fishing. Some anglers use large floats meant for freshwater fishing but floats specifically designed for sea fishing are widely available and relatively inexpensive. Most floats are made out of plastic or polystyrene, but older fashioned floats may be made from wood. Most anglers who go float fishing often have a range of different floats to choose from, with bigger floats being used when the seas are heavy or rough with smaller floats used in calmer conditions. All round float fishing kits are available which included everything needed for float fishing such as the hooks, weights, swivels and other terminal tackle necessary to successfully float fish for species such as wrasse, pollock and mackerel, meaning anglers do not have to buy all of the components separately. Sea Angling Shop sell individual floats as well as complete float kits which can be viewed and purchased by clicking here.

Most sea fishing floats are cigar shaped and have the line passed all the way through the centre. Power gum or rubber stops and beads are used to trap the float in place which allows the depth the bait is set at to be changed – see designs for an adjustable float fishing rig suitable for UK sea fishing by clicking here. It is usually necessary to use drilled bullet weights or tube weights between the hook and the float to add extra weight and cock the float. For much more information on float fishing methods, and links to buy floats and ready made float kits, have a look at the page on float fishing methods and techniques.

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