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Sonik SKS Beachcaster 12ft, 4-6oz

There is no shortage of beachcasting rods for anglers fishing along the coast of the British Isles to choose from. While the longer 14 – 16ft Continental-style rods are becoming more popular many anglers prefer to stick to a standard 12ft beachcaster, as this type of rod can cover a wide range of fishing situations ranging from sandy beaches to piers and breakwaters and mixed/rough ground marks. The Sonik SKS Beachcaster falls into this latter category being an all round rod which can be used in a variety of situations. The 12ft version which casts 4 – 6 ounces is featured here (13ft and 14ft versions are also available). This rod comes in two sections and features shrink wrapped handles, a carbon fibre blank and screw winch reel seat. Unlike most other rods the Sonik SKS is designed to be used with either multiplier or fixed spool reels, giving anglers the choice of using either type of reel. Supplied complete with cloth bag. A great rod for anglers looking for an all round rod for UK sea fishing, and extremely competitively priced at well under £60 for the 12ft version.

Sea Angling Shop Complete Terminal Tackle Set

Sea Angling Shop Complete Terminal Tackle SetThis Terminal Tackle Set has been put together by and contains everything anglers need to create high quality rigs for UK sea fishing. This set contains three different patterns of hooks, rig body line, Amnesia snood line as well as a wide range of other terminal tackle items including swivels, weak link clips, rig clips, impact shields and rig sequins and rig beads. This set complete terminal tackle set is ideal for those who are new to sea angling and want all of the components they need to start making sea fishing rigs. Alternatively this set can be used by experienced anglers to top up their existing collection of terminal tackle. Click here to purchase this item from Sea Angling Shop.

Daiwa Sealine SL20SH Multiplier Reel

Anglers fishing mixed to rough ground, or those needing to haul big catches up pier walls, or anglers simply wanting a solidly made and reliable reel should look no further than the Daiwa Sealine SL20SH, often referred to as the ‘Slosh’. This reel is strong but smooth and can be used to fish from the shore (where it can reach surprising casting distances) or even for light boat work. The SL20SH features four ball bearings, a counterbalanced handle, and a centrifugal braking system. This reel also has a very fast retrieval ratio of 6:1.1 meaning that rigs can be reel upwards and away from snags quickly. The spool can take 250 metres of 20lb breaking strain monofilament. An excellent reel for anglers needing a strong and reliable reel for the harsh conditions which can be encountered around the UK coast. The larger version of this reel is the Daiwa Sealine SL30SH. This larger version offers more power and a larger line capacity of 300 metres of 20lb breaking strain line. However, some anglers find this reel too large for sea fishing from the shore and the SL30SH is more suited for use by boat anglers.

Penn Surfblaster 8000

American manufacturer Penn have a long standing reputation for making high quality sea fishing equipment which is ideal for use by UK anglers. With the Penn Surfblaster 8000 they have designed a large, high-capacity fixed spool reel which is ideal for use in UK sea fishing. This reel features 6+1 bearings, a forged aluminum spool, automatic bail arm and an ambidextrous handle. The reel has a fast retrieval ratio of 4.2:1, meaning that anglers are bringing in almost one metre of line for every turn of the reel! Two spools are also supplied with the Surfblaster 8000 – one standard monofilament spool and a shallow braid spool. The standard spool can take a massive 330 metres of 30lb line, while the braid spool can take around 300 metres of 20lb braided line. Overall this is a superb quality large fixed spool reel which is perfectly suited to the rigours and demands of fishing around the British Isles.

Team Daiwa Seat Box

All anglers are faced with the logistics of getting their fishing equipment to the mark they want to fish. While this may not be difficult for light summer fishing (where everything may fit into a backpack) anglers taking part in beach fishing for larger species often find that they need to take a fair amount of gear with them. Reels, weights, rigs and terminal tackle all take up space, as does bait, lighting and everything else anglers need. A large seat box is the answer as they can both hold all of an angler’s gear and provide somewhere to sit while fishing. This Medium Seat Box manufactured by Daiwa is ideal as it is specifically designed for sea anglers. This box is made out of extremely hard wearing and durable plastic, and despite its strength it is also lightweight and easy to carry . It features a padded carry strap so that it is comfortable to carry, even when it is heavily loaded with fishing equipment. An essential item of kit for all sea fishing anglers.

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