Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge

Channel 5

Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge is shown in the UK on Channel 5.

Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge is a light-hearted and entertaining show in which the hyperactive Robson Green travels across the world to compete against local fishermen. This show is effectively a different version of his previous, and successful, Extreme Fishing show. We see him go to Brazil and fished on incredibly rough seas for anchova, catch massive marlin off the coast of Mexico and shore fish for cod and dab in Iceland. He also features some less orthodox types of fishing such as bow and arrow fishing in the great lakes and scuba fishing in the Atlantic. The ‘challenge’ format of this show works really well, mostly due to Robson’s competitive and yet good-natured personality, and is a good twist on the previous Extreme Fishing show. Robson usually returns the fish that he has caught, unless they are being kept for the table. Green doesn’t hold back from using naughty language when things aren’t going his way, so anyone watching with children should be aware of this.

The overall tone is one of irrelevance and the show can be a bit manic at times. Green is certainly enthusiastic but serious anglers may like to hear a little more about the actual fishing and see a bit less of Green’s messing around. However, the silliness is reigned in enough so that it never becomes annoying and the show is never less than thoroughly entertaining.

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