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This section of the website contains links to a diverse range of general interest articles on a wide range of topics which will be of interest to sea anglers and others interested in issues affecting the marine environment.

PETA ThumbnailPETA and Sea Fishing | Sea angling may be one of the world’s most popular recreational activities but animal rights pressure groups such as PETA want it banned. Find out more here.

MCZsMarine Conservation Zones | Could Britain’s sea fish stocks be increased by the creation of Marine Conservation Zones? There are plans to put this into practice.

TN Carl LinnaeusScientific Classification of Fish Species | All animals in the world actually have two names – a common name and a scientific name. Find out more about how this system is used here.

Brown troutDo I Need a Licence For Sea Fishing? | Most anglers don’t need a licence, but when fishing along some river and inland marks the issue is a lot more complicated.

150px-IUCN_logo.svgIUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) | The IUCN is a organisation which campaigns for the conservation of nature and assess the endangered status of animals (including fish).

Fish Classification ThumbnailScientific Classification of Fish | Find out more about the ways in which fish species are scientifically classified, and what the major differences are between fish groups.

SealSeals and Sea Fishing | Seals are blamed for depleting fish stocks. How much damage do seals really do, and does action need to be taken against these creatures?

Guide To Jellyfish in the UK | View this very informative and useful infographic guide to jellyfish in the UK, created by the team at the website Stay in Cornwall, and reproduced here with permission.

Submarine and Trawler Collision Incidents | Over the years there have been a number of incidents where submarines have collided with the submerged nets of trawlers. Read more here.

What is the Largest Creature in the Sea? | There are a number of contenders for this title, find out which creature really is the biggest in the world’s seas here.

Where Can You SeafishSea Fishing, Anglers’ Rights and the Magna Carta | Is it really true that sea anglers never need a fishing licence and have the right to fish any saltwater fishing mark, all enshrined in the Magna Carta?

Greenpeace Logo ThumbnailGreenpeace Fish Redlist | Greenpeace have a list of fish species to avoid as they are either endangered or caught using methods which damage the marine environment. Find out more here.

TN BeaufortThe Beaufort Scale | Find out more about the Beaufort scale – a system invented by Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort in the 1800s to measure and describe sea conditions and is still used today.

TN Fish Swim BladderThe Problem of Returning Deep Sea Fish | When most species of fish are pulled up from the depths they cannot be returned due to their swim bladder rupturing. Read more about this here.

TN UK Shore Caught Records MapUK Shore Caught Record Fish Locations | Where have all the UK record fish been caught? The answer is that certain parts of the country account for the majority of catches. Find out where it is here.

Irish Bass FishingIrish Recreational Bass Fishing | Find out how Ireland increased and maintained its bass stocks, and greatly benefited from the increased tourism and visitors coming for the fishing.

TN CoelacanthCoelacanth – The Fish that Came Back From Extinction | Read the interesting story of the coelacanth, a fish that was thought to have died out 65 million years ago but was rediscovered in 1938. 

TN Species of Fish to be ReturnedWhich Species of Fish Should be Returned? | Many species of fish are under pressure. However, anglers can help by returning endangered and threatened species.

TN Oysters C Peter GugerellWhy are Fish Going Up in Price? | A variety of world events are causing the price of fish and shellfish to rise across the world. Why is this happening and what impact will it have?

Strange and Unusual British Fish Records | There are some very strange and unusual fish that have UK shore caught records. Find out what they are here.

TN Knife Crime CampaignLegal Issues of Knives and Sea Fishing | Many anglers are confused about the legality of carrying a knife for sea fishing. Find out the truth about these issues here.

Killer Whales in Captivity | Shows featuring captive killer whales are massively popular, but keeping this species in captivity is also hugely controversial.

Keiko – The World’s Most Famous Killer Whale | The star of the Free Willy films gained worldwide media attention and was eventually released back into the wild. Read more here.

The Sinking of the Antares | The small Scottish trawler Antares was lost in an accident with a Royal Navy submarine. Find out what happened here.

FV GaulThe Loss of FV Gaul | The trawler FV Gaul was lost in the UK’s worst peacetime fishing disaster. Controversy and conspiracy theories about the loss of the vessel continue to this day.

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